Shine On Autism Radio

Our son Jack was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was 4 years old. But as parents, we knew there was something different about him much earlier. Our pediatrician told us it was because he was a boy and since we also had 3 girls we just had to learn how to raise a boy. But it wasn’t a gender issue. It was a neurological issue.

When our son was diagnosed, we started reading every book and combing every website to learn all we could because there was no instruction manual on how to raise a child with autism. We found activities like haircuts and dental visits were more challenging. When we discovered these resources and autism-friendly businesses we created Shine On Autism to share what we’d found to help other parents also searching for answers.

Having a child with autism spectrum disorder means navigating a world of challenges and obstacles. There are businesses and organizations that support their unique needs with programs, products, and accommodations. Shine On Autism is a resource for parents to give their child every opportunity to SHINE ON.

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